Used Book Processing

Used Book Process

Through our partnership with ScanPower we are able to connect to your Amazon Account via API. This enables us to do all your shipment creations and processing within 24 hours of receiving your books.


Outline of used book process.

What we do:
1. As soon as books are received in our warehouse they are sorted by seller and are put in your designated bins.
2. Packages are then opened and are ready for processing.
3. They are then inspected for counterfeits, instructor editions, International editions and damaged books that cannot be grade as Good or better.
These books are rejected as they are against Amazon Policies.
4. We then create a shipment in ScanPower for your accepted books.
5. Books are graded and FNSKU labels are applied.
6. Books are packed into shipping boxes.
7. Box contents are sent to Amazon.
8. Box weight and dimensions are sent to Amazon.
9. Shipping labels are purchased through your Amazon account.
10. Boxes are labeled.
11. UPS picks ups shipment.
12. We email you an invoice with number of books processed and books rejected
You should request prepaid return labels from sellers of rejected books.

What you do:
1. Buy the books and have shipped to our warehouse in Texas.
2. After the shipment is created and sent in, you reprice your books. You can do this manually or with a repricing software that works for used books.

We are located in suburbs of Austin, Texas. Most of our book seller’s shipments go to the Dallas warehouse. Since it’s so close, shipments arrive next day. Shipping cost are lower when shipped to Dallas.

Costs for Used Books Service:
1. Book processing is 2.50 per book.
2. Shipping box is 2.75 per box.
3. ScanPower is $99.00 per month when purchased through EFulfillment Pro.

We ship out books when there is a minimum number of books in stock. Ideally there is at least 10 books. For larger volume sellers we ship out their books on a daily basis.