How it Works

Our area of focus is helping amazon companies grow by handling the fulfillment side of the business. We have been doing FBA and merchant fulfillment for over 5 years, and are familiar with amazon’s guidelines and policies. We are also able to help with bringing product from overseas to our warehouses.

  • You purchase products from your suppliers.
  • You have your products shipped to our warehouse.
  • You send us a PDF of your labels.
  • We receive, inspect and unbox your shipments.
  • We label and prep your shipment as required by Amazon.
  • We send you the box dimensions and weight.
  • You purchase the shipping from Amazon and send us the PDF of the shipping Labels.
  • We send your shipment to the Amazon Warehouse.
  • We email you a notification when the shipment has been picked up by the carrier.

All shipments received are verified against shipment plan. You are notified immediately of any variances or damaged products. We make sure each shipment is packaged correctly and effectively for safe transport.
Most of our customer’s shipments go to Amazon’s warehouse in Dallas and check in 24-48 hours later.